Osteopathy Services Crawley

Osteopathy Services

Our Osteopath Services take a ‘holistic’ approach to the evaluation, diagnosis, and their patients. The practitioners are not only interested in relieving your pain, but also work on trying to improve your overall levels of general health and fitness. 

Diagnosing your Condition

After completing a full medical case history in which the practitioners will discuss your symptoms in detail and carry out appropriate physical examinations, a diagnosis will be made where possible, and if you are safe to treat a treatment plan will be discussed. Alternatively, if your osteopath thinks you would benefit from being referred to your GP or a Specialist, then arrangements will be made.

During the examination health services, you may be asked to move the painful area into different positions in order to try and reproduce the issue. Other examinations may be performed including standard orthopedic and neurological testing in order to make an accurate diagnosis. 

Planning your Osteopathy Services

Having made an accurate assessment of your problem, the osteopath will be able to devise an appropriate treatment plan that is specific to you. During your session, an osteopath will work a wide range of manual techniques in order to try and correct the problems associated with your body muscles, ligaments, and back joints that may be causing the pain you experience.

Osteopathy Q&A

Our Osteopathy Clinic is generally associated with a back problem or pain, although Osteopaths treat the whole body. Back problems tend to focus upon improving or correcting faulty joint movement as well as the specific injury that caused the problem in the first place. Spinal manipulation (a commonly used technique by osteopaths) aims to loosen and free-up, rather than re-align the faulty joints, which can be dealt with using body massage. Other techniques include soft tissue stretching and joint mobilization to try and restore the optimal range of movement. The soft tissue stretching techniques may also be used to relax and loosen the tissues prior to any specific manipulation of the joints.